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Green Events

Green Events

The constantly growing awareness of environmental and social issues, has encouraged companies to launch projects related to what we nowadays call "corporate social responsibility".

We want to help you launch initiatives that satisfy these new expectations, with projects that are based on the optimization of environmental impact and social solidarity.

This can only be accomplished with our traditional creativity and constant quest for new and original solutions


Imagine an event, an incentive trip or a gift trip in an exotic resort, with solar energy panels for generating electricity and an advanced water recycling system, with locally grown food, with only electrical vehicles for transportation, and all outings on foot, by bike or sailing boat.

Even more... everything is built with completely recyclable materials.

The era of Green events has finally arrived.


In the sphere of corporate social responsibilities, employees and also the Companies themselves frequently support high profile humanitarian initiatives.

We want to help you organise successful high impact fundraising or image building events for non-profit organisations, NGOs and institutions, transforming your help into tangible initiatives.

Since we, ourselves, are also dedicated to social activities, we are at your disposal to suggest initiatives that deserve your attention or to plan together new and exciting paths of solidarity.

  • Pollution prevention
  • Streaming of service providers
  • Upgrading of the site after the event
  • Temporary structures with minimal impact
  • Low environmental impact of services offered
  • Respecting the local environmental norms
  • Zero-mileage catering

At Infinity we contribute directly:

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