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Events and Conferences

The success of an event, convention, congress or road show, is the result of a careful balance between communication and logistics.

We like to aim high whilst keeping both feet on the ground. We like being creative whilst giving the utmost attention to the budget. We love proposing innovative solutions as well as optimizing traditions. We love to combine autonomy and to work with you as a team.

Coherence, integration and availability are our key words.


Organising the logistics of a congress or an event doesn't only mean choosing proper locations and venues, transportation, hospitality and catering, but also knowing how to handle all these components, identifying right from the start any possible weaknesses and finding a solution before they become a real problem.

Infinity is a tour operator that works only for and with corporate companies. Our experience and our sensitivity enable us to better understand your needs and expectations, and develop them as operational projects... tailor-made for you.

  • Sourcing of venues and locations(Hotel, conference centres, auditoriums and historical buildings)
  • Air transportation, short, medium and long haul
  • Local transfers
  • Hotel Hospitality
  • Catering
  • Supporting Staff and hostesses
  • Local Discovery and licenses guides
  • Secretarial assistance


A congress or an event cannot happen without communication. We put at your disposal more than 25 years of experience.

We want to give you all the necessary creative and logistical support, help you write your presentations and speeches and assist you in the production of audio-visual components and staging.

The simpler the event, the more crucial the details. Our guidance will be your winning tool.

There is one last thing we would like to add. In order to handle your resources more efficiently, Infinity's creative workshop always remains at the centre of every project without the involvement of any third parties.

  • Creative development and plotting of the event
  • Stage scenography and audio visual
  • Timeline and staging of the event
  • Creative and production of presentation visuals
  • Copywriting e speech support
  • Choice and handling of testimonials and artists
  • AV Front of House
  • Technical Assistance
  • Graphics, web, press and follow-ups

Infinity 4...your businnes!

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